Death of a Turtle. The Life and Times of Stretch Michaelangelo

Those of us who own the Stretch series of turtles (and Shredder) from the late toy line may know this story. The stretch turtles have a serious weakness, dry skin. Without proper moisture the stretch turtles seem to develop holes in their rubber appendages and ooze (excuse the pun) to DEATH.

Some history on my orange bandana wearing friend. I have had since the he originally came out stored in the big tote bin all the other TMNT figures at the time were stored in. He lasted a solid 16 years packed away in that tote but unfortunately I removed him from his home and brought him upstairs to my desk to be displayed. After a hot summer the damage had been done as he began oozing out onto my desk. An old friend lost to the harsh summer weather.

So check out the “6 rules” illustration below that was found on the back of each stretch turtle card. Don’t let your turtle suffer the same fate as mine!