NIckelodeon Metalhead SPOTTED in Wild


Nick Metalhead spotted on eBay!

Thats right, Metalhead! Very excited for this figure. Person selling on eBay says he found it in a local WalMart. Also @pixeldan has tweeted that people are spotting TMNT wave 2 at Toys R Us. I suppose Mattel was not far off when they said the second series would hit in the Fall.

Seen Wave 2 in your area? Chime in.

  • I haven’t spotted any Wave 2 figures yet, but I had such bad experiences trying to get Wave 1 figures at brick & mortar stores that I ended up just ordering them all online via TRU. I’ll probably do the same with these new ones.

    • I ordered my via Amazon and the box was crushed. Luckily I intended to open them all but in the end Amazon made good with a credit to my account.

      Really looking forward to getting Metalhead. The other two i’m not yet sold on.

  • Ug, yeah I struck out this weekend after hitting up two TRU and a bunch of Wal-Mart and Target stores. Soon, though. Soon…

    • Bummer. I have not tried yet, waiting to let the shipments roll in.

  • Oh man, I can’t wait for this guy!