League Assignment “State of the Site”

This week for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers we were asked to post a “state of the site” addressing our own personal website. Well that is a bit tricky since the Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang is only about a month old in blog form, but that won’t stop us!

Right now it is going great! Meeting a lot of like-minded bloggers, participating in group blog events, posting random stuff, and having a good time doing it all. So far according to blog stats the most viewed post is by far the Loot Crate unboxing and hey it is interesting to see what was in there. Thanks to all who left some comments it is always interesting knowing what you think.

The future? Well I have been contemplating a move to WordPress as the blog platform. Why you ask? Well I have experience in WordPress blog development so the home of the Crooked gang could be more vibrant and custom. The only hang up is hosting and with funds tight at the moment it may be something to shoot for in the future. In the meantime Blogger is as solid a platform as any but the need for more control is always lingering.

The Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang will keep on posting stuff, all kinds of stuff. Hope it has been entertaining so far and thanks for reading!

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