League Assignment “What fictional town, time, or world would you want to visit?”

Hill Valley Year 2015

This weeks League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment, what fictional place would you visit? Heavy. So why not take a trip TO THE FUTURE with Marty McFly and doc in the good old stainless steel DeLorean?!

There are many reasons to take a trip to the fictional future of a fictional town called Hill Valley. Jaws 19 anyone? There are four driving forces that make me want to take a trip to Hill Valley 2015:

1. Hoverboards

Yeah hoverboards, even the pink Mattel one pictured. Sure it would be great to ride on Biff’s badass Pit Bull board but given all the sharp edges and randomly placed spikes I would probably fall off and impale myself. I mean come on lets be realistic here.

2. Self Drying Jacket

“Your jacket is now dry”. Rain? Come at me bro!

3. Black & Decker Hydrator

Mmm Pizza in seconds! As any good Ninja Turtle fan will attest to pizza is the THE food of choice and the faster the better.

4. Flying Cars

Yes! Who doesn’t want to cruise around in the sky. Seriously though is there anything I need to say about flying cars? It has been a beacon of the future since the late 40’s and yet we still don’t have them. One day, one day.

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