League Assignment: Jumping the Shark! (Hollywood)

This weeks League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment asks “At what point did a pop culture series jump the shark and lose your interest?“.

In this bloggers mind one thing really comes to mind when you say “jump the shark” and that thing is…

Yep, Hollywood and in particular the movie industry. In the last decade or so we have seen every single pop culture icon/reference/TV show/cartoon series/bit character molded (or remolded) into a Hollywood feature film.

Fat Albert? Yeah. Live action at that.

The board game Battleship? Yep (plus aliens)!

Scooby-Doo? Ruh Roh.

There are literally dozens and dozens of properties that have been made into movies OR are currently in development (Monopoly anyone?). This would not be an issue for me if the quality of films being produced outside these were of quality, but as of late I feel like the movie industry is only concerned with fighting piracy rather than producing quality content.

The Jump

I think the point where I knew the movie industry had jumped the shark was when Battleship was released. They took a classic board game, molded a strange, Transformers-like plot and graphics around it, added a dash of celeb and CGI and mixed it in a bowl of BS. While it was a total flop (shocker) it just was part of a string of ill conceived movies that have come out in the last few years.

The other reason this is a problem is that incredible movies in my opinion like Paranorman and Drive hit the theatre with little fanfare. Neither did absolutely terrible but I felt like these were films with some real creativity involved, something unique. Give me MORE of this and less of CGI-heavy gunk.

Turning an animated series or reviving an older franchise is nothing new in fact it was done just as much in the 90’s with movies like The Flintstones, Dennis the Menace, and Richie Rich. I realize not every movie can be a unique masterpiece but so few movies interest me these days I rarely am willing to go to the theatre to watch anything. Am I just a snob in the end or has the industry really sunk creatively?

What do you think? Do you enjoy many of the recent movies released or are you disappointed?

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