New 2013 TMNT Toys Revealed!


 A whole LOT of toy news for Ninja Turtle fans like myself came out today via Toys News International ! Baxter Stockman! Sewer Alley playset! New Turtle Comm! New vehicles! Yeah I am excited ok.

Anyway take a look at all the fresh photos and get ready for early 2013. Also some news about a certain TMNT classics line and a second series reveal at Toy Fair in Feb!

  • Damn. I may be homeless by the end of 2013.

  • I hope you are not honestly homeless but if its due to purchasing too many new toys remember you can always build a makeshift shack out of the excess cardboard from said toys.

  • Jacob

    EPIC. Baxter Stockman Episode was my favourite and now the Figure looks Awesome!

  • Yeah I have to say Baxter is my most anticipated from the bunch.

  • Nice find! I wonder if that Baxter is to scale with the show or just regular size?

  • Unfortunately he is listed under basic figures which I would imagine means he is not much larger than the other figures. I was hoping for a scale version as well!

  • I’m just glad they at least gave us basic figures before they started introducing “Sewer Shootin’ Leo” (which sounds grosser than I intended…).

  • Haha. Sewer Shootin… (holds back childish giggle)

  • Brad Downam

    Talk about figures to scale…I wish the dog pound while the weight is cool, wish he was about x2 the size.

  • Have not found a Dogpound or Fishface yet! The pegs are always bare.

  • Brad Downam

    Wal-Mart, go early morning around 7am. They stock between 2-6. Oh and a Wal-Mart in a poor city…honestly