Crooked Ninja Review: Lego TMNT Shellraiser

Lego + TMNT = fun for all. We all knew this as soon as the news hit in the middle of last year. Lego sets are simply fun for all ages and splash in a TMNT theme for a brick-tacular good time!
After watching Amazon like a hawk for weeks the first few sets were released early and of course I was in. The first set to be purchased was the Shellraiser Street Chase which leads us to this review, so lets get started:

Pizza-Rama Van

The “accessory” vehicle in this case is the pizza van driven by our pal Dogpound. A relatively simple little van with two surprised stowed away, OOZE! In the back are two canisters of the dreaded ooze which is actually a pretty cool little addition. I especially enjoy the use of transparent green on the ooze canister.


The main event of the set. The Shellraiser is a big vehicle and can fit all 4 turtles inside quite easily. I have to say after having the full size Shellraiser and now the Lego version, the Lego version is vastly superior in every way. The color is much better, the “fun” factor is leaps above, and just the overall impact is superior.
On one side of the Shellraiser we have a fold-down panel that reveals a stash of weapons, very cool.
And on the other side another fold-down panel with a computer and a place to store Mikey’s skateboard, a must-have.
Another feature that is built into the Shellraiser is the ability to pull up the wheels and go all train-style. It is interesting to see this as the Shellraiser has yet to be revealed in the cartoon series (that I am aware of, I am a bit behind). I am taking a crazy wild guess here in saying the Shellraiser will have the ability to ride the rails once underground, a great idea for any TRUE off-road vehicle.

Bottom Line

This is a Lego playset that any TMNT fan must have. From the good selection of minifigs included to the very fun Shellraiser this set has a lot to offer. My only gripe is the tiny front wheels of the Shellraiser. Sure I know they were going for an old school hot rod “stanced” look but it tends to drag on the ground especially considering that the wheels can be moved up. Maybe I will go in search of two replacement wheels to level the thing out.
Here are some scenario’s I played out using the set. Don’t laugh at me because I had fun!

Have any of the Lego TMNT sets yet? Chime in down in the comments!

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