Happy Birthday League of Extraordinary Bloggers!

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers is getting old

Sing it “happy birfday to youuuu…” okay that enough. The League is celebrating a solid year of blogging tomfoolery so break out the cake and get wild!

The Crooked Ninja team has only been involved with the league for a few short months but it has been a whole load of fun to post of such a variety of topics assigned to the league. Everyone who participates is a champ and churns out some great material and getting to know many of them has been the icing on the cake.

So the question this month asks “favorite posts and new topics”. Well then I do have to say the What If.. assignment had some real entertaining moments, hell I even decided to kill off Wolverine! Every week brings something different and it is always a lot of fun to read everyones ideas.

What would make a good topic? Sometimes the best stuff is brainstormed on Twitter I tell ya. Stuff like:

  • Favorite magazines as a kid?
  • Gross out toys?
  • Dream crossover?
  • Oddball item in your collection?

Stuff like that.

So thanks to all the cool folks who contribute and a BIG thanks to Cool & Collected for getting this up and running!