The League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Love and Hold Dear

This week the League of Extraordinary Bloggers asked “What do you love and hold dear” in honor of that made up holiday, Valentines day. We all love right (well most of us)? Lets get to the mushy stuff.

Lets get the most sincere and well, important, out of the way first. I heart my wife, my family, and of course my two hound dogs. Without any of them the rest of this list is pointless.
Art and design. Always been in my blood, crayon in hand since a wee ninja. Developed through grade school making little comics for laughs and drawing my favorite superheroes which lead to a career in graphic design. Keeping those creative juices flowing is a love.
Vintage automobiles. I love a mid-century ride and getting my hands dirty working on my own old rig, which you can read some about here on my OTHER blog The Rambler Project. Fins, white wall tires, chrome, it’s all good.
Vintage toys. You’re here, you know.
Rockabilly and The Rat Pack. Dean Martin, Buddy Holly, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Wanda Jackson, and many more get me inspired and motivated. 
Three movies, Rocky, Back to the Future, and Rad. Two from the 80’s and one from the 70’s although I dig the other Rocky movies as well.
Cartoons from the 80’s and everything about them. EVERYTHING.
My house and the memories made in it. A big deal for me buying a house at 25. The American dream some say.
Lets end this with a little song shall we? Bring it home Frank.

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