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USA Today announces upcoming TMNT awesomeness!

Yes, yes and yes. An article on USA Today gave us a glimpse of what we can expect in the upcoming Nickelodeon TMNT show and it is so very good. The rundown:

  1. Baxter Stockman gets some needed facetime. Traps, torture, madness all of which are expected for Mr Stockman coming up. Should be interesting.
  2. The story gets bigger. According to the article the TMNT storyline will only be escalating in excitement and to expect big things towards the end of season one.
  3. Mutagen Man, he is coming BACK!
  4. The classic toon TMNT are going to make an appearance in some respect, details still slim but hey the old characters are coming into the fold!
  5. Maintaining quality. Ciro Neil the Executive Producer on the series started out as a fan and knows the value we as fans have for the property. He shows enthusiasm for what is to come and for me that is great news.
I have to say the new series has surpassed my expectations so far, it is darn near perfect. With these tidbits released on what is to come my excitement is only growing. 
Hey Nickelodeon, thanks!
  • I’m so ridiculously in love with this show. I can’t wait to see where it goes next season.

  • Same here! But you knew that already.

  • I really appreciated it when Neili said the creative team has to temper itself and use restraint when it comes to the storylines and ensuring the show stays interesting without burning out too quickly.TMNT is in really good hands with Nick. I have nothing but confidence about the future of the show.