League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Arcade!

This weeks League of Extraordinary Bloggers puts us in control of our dream arcade! Now to be clear I was a big arcade addict during the 90’s until every arcade in the country all but died out (kids have NO idea what they are missing). So, what would I fill the crooked arcade with? Get your quarters ready.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Arcade Game

You knew this would be here if you have ever stopped by this blog before. It made 4-player co-op during its day! Smash some baddies with your friends and save April!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Turtles in Time

Turtles in time was rad, just so very rad. Another co-op masterpiece but this time the turtles traveled through time! The backgrounds and sprites really made this game memorable, and who doesn’t remember the pirate level and getting smacked in the face by walking on a loose plank.

 X-Men the Arcade Game

Pick your mutant and smash some purple sentinels! Yet again another co-op classic (6 players!) but one of the more outstanding features of this game was each characters mutant power. Unleash some fury with a Cyclops optic blast!

WWF Wrestlefest

Love the sprites in this game, animated and designed so well. This grapple brawler was the ultimate test of squared circle supremacy. Bodyslam for the three count!

Marvel Vs Capcom

Take some of the best characters from the Marvel universe and the best from the Capcom universe and what do you have? One intense fighting game with a slew of ridiculously cool combo moves and animation.


A classic if there ever was one. Hop in the drivers seat and hit the road, bleach blonde girl and all. Regardless of its age this one always was a favorite through the years.

Lucky & Wild

You take the wheel, i’ll man the gun! That’s how this classic played out. One player is in the driver’s seat the other blasting away from the passenger seat in some co-op madness. This game was and is a blast to play with a lot of crazy graphics and intense action to keep the intensity high!

Jurassic Park

This is a big one and may very well take the top spot. This game had you sitting in a small two seat bench with drapes to keep it dark inside, surround sound speakers, a huge screen, and is played with light guns. I must have beaten this game half a dozen times and it never got old old shooting dinosaurs off bystanders and target aiming points on the T-Rex. Many quarters well spent on this one!

Claw Machine(s)

Staple of arcades coast to coast and still found many restaurants and stores. The ultimate test of timing and precision and 95% of the time completely impossible. Those weak-ass gripping claws infuriated every kid at least once in their lives.


Roll a ball up a ramp and into a number of tubes. So simple but so incredibly fun.

Now excuse me while I go scour Craigslist desperately for the aforementioned games.

Have a favorite mentioned or otherwise? Would love to hear about it in the comments!

What others have in mind for their perfect arcades: