The Most Fun Vehicles From the Ninja Turtles Toy Line

TMNT Need a Good Ride Too!

For every great action figure there must be an equally awesome ride.The vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line is no exception. Kids of the late 80’s and into the 90’s had some pretty spectacular choices when it came to vehicles to get their figures from point A all the way to an epic battle. Sure there are the basics, the ones everyone had but there were some more obscure vehicles that really made the vintage line gnarly. Lets get to it!

Party Van

The classic vehicle that darn near every kid had. I didn’t feel the list would be complete without adding the quintessential ride of the turtles still coveted by collectors today.
Cool factor:
  • Store all the turtles in ONE vehicle!
  • Quick release door with a turtle strapped to it for instant drive-by ass-kickery. 
  • It is a PARTY wagon. Come on.

Technodrome Scout

Now it is worth mentioning the full size Technodrome did not make the list simply because I feel it is more a playset than a vehicle although you could certainly roll the giant thing around all you like. The scout is basically a miniatured version of the technodrom in blue and without an eyeball on the top. It fits a single baddie and has some added drills and guns to cause some intense carnage. Never seen in the cartoon but certainly a fun vehicle to have.
Cool Factor:
  • It is a more mobile technodrome, so when paired with the full sized ‘drome it was the perfect accessory.
  • Drills and guns, lots of them.
  • Cool periscope to view the mayhem.

Foot Cruiser

What basically is a heavily modified 50’s era sedan turns out to be one the coolest foot vehicles of the line. Drop-top styling with an eyeball bomb launcher waiting to wreak havoc in the trunk this one is a lot of fun. Who knew the foot was into car customization?
Cool Factor:
  • Vintage cars plus TMNT is a plus.
  • Being full size to fit two figures is awesome. They could have easily skimped on the size but went all out.
  • Eyeball missiles.

Sewer Sub

Sure the turtles are amphibians and all but sometimes you need to take to the oceans deep with a little fire power and style. Bring on the sewer sub! This one is just pure fun. Store a turtle in the sub and hit the water.
Cool Factor:
  • It’s a mini submarine for one.
  • It has a propeller, that works!
  • It is always fun when the adventure takes to the water.

Killer Bee

What could the foot do to combat the turtles in the sky? Mutate a Bee and ride him around, oh and give him a gun and a chainsaw.
Cool Factor:
  • It takes the “mutations” a bit further and larger.
  • The accessories on this thing sold it. Gun, chainsaw, handcuffs, and a lamp up top just in case.
  • Every kid wants a giant bee to fly around on, see “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”.

Mutant Module

This one is known by ANYONE who ever watched at least a few of the vintage cartoon. Bebop, Rocksteady, Shredder and even the foot would also arrive by their module from underground leaving gaping holes all over the New York City area. One of the best vehicles of the TMNT line in my opinion. The only problem, finding one of these with the tiny purple drill bits in the front still attached!
Cool Factor:
  • Spinning drill in the front when rolled along a flat surface. Great for drilling underground escapes and making turtle soup.
  • Fit two figures inside so Bebop and Rocksteady can show up just like in the cartoon.
  • One of the more detailed vehicles of the line, which is good but also bad for those of us wanting a complete one.


Turtle Blimp

You knew it had to be on here, the list wouldn’t be complete without it. The blimp which is admittedly one of the more outrageous parts of the toy line but certainly one, if not he most, fun in the end. A giant inflatable blimp is impossible to not love as a kid. Want to take out the foot? Take to the skies!
Cool Factor:
  • Uhm it’s a huge inflatable blimp.
  • Drop bombs with the flick of a switch on the handle.
  • The size alone was enough to make a kids jaw drop but pair it with a handle for easy maneuverability and you have a winner.

There ya have it. My top vehicles of the TMNT line. What was you favorite as a kid?

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