SDCC 2103: TMNT Toys!

SDCC TMNT Toy Reveals

Its San Diego Comic Con time and with that a bunch of companies revealing their upcoming products and news! So what did Santa SDCC bring us this year? A lot!

First lets look at one of the most exciting portions for TMNT news, toys! Lot of great stuff coming our way some of which include:

  • TMNT Movie 1 Classic series turtles (uhm yes!)
  • The re-release of the vintage toys as seen during the 25th anniversary not long ago. This includes the basic turtles, Shredder, Krang, Foot Soldier, etc as well as the Party Van.
  • Vintage turtles Mech Suit (new+old combo here)
  • Turtles Practice Pals 
  • A new Sewer Sub with Don
  • A lot of other really fun stuff

Check out the pics below (via Action Figure Fury, great site BTW) and get excited. Cowabunga!