League of Extraordinary Bloggers: THE CROOKED NINJA

Hello, My Name Is….

Welcome to another entry for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers! This week it’s all about me, quite literally. We were asked to introduce ourselves and shed some light on the person(s) behind the blog. Read on for more about the man under the paper bag mask!

Hey, my name is Cody (born in ’84!) and I am a vintage pop culture junkie. 

I relish in the feeling of nostalgia and get a kick out of pretty much anything vintage. I drive old cars (1963 AMC Rambler and a 1964 Mercury Monterey), I live in an old house (1901), Collect old stuff (toys, antiques…lots of stuff), and listen to old music (50′-60’s rockabilly, Rat Pack trio, 80’s pop, Motown).

I went to art school and met my wife plus got an expensive piece of paper. Art school was beyond awesome and were probably some of the best years of my life. 
Graphic: Smashing Magazine

I pay bills and buy toys being a web/graphic designer by day and unfortunately sometimes by night. I went to school thinking it would be awesome but turns out you just end up making a lot of junk that is boring as hell. C’est la vie. 

I have two rad dogs, Basset dogs to be exact, Rupert (aka the Bass King) and Autumn (aka Mintdog). I love these two creatures more than most humans.

Home is in Vermont, USA. We make awesome maple syrup and bestowed upon the world the delight that is Ben & Jerrys ice cream. You’re welcome. Also, lots of trees.
Fun fact: Vermont is the ONLY US state to not have a Target store. Alaska and Hawaii beat us. It is a touchy subject around these parts.
A portion of the basement lair

I have a lot of stuff. My wife thinks I have too much stuff so I buy her flowers which distracts her long enough to go online and buy more stuff. 

I draw sometimes though not as much as I would like.

I dig classic cars/hot rods/rat rods. I dabble in restoration and work on my two old cars frequently. My garage is pretty great.

The 80’s WWF was pure entertainment. I still get a kick out of it, Hulkamaniac for life!

Halloween is THE holiday in our house. I even started a little blog collective around it.

This blog started because I had a lot of things I wanted to write about and share and thought it would be a fun way to spread the pop-culture joy. I adopted the Crooked Ninja gimmick from the original TMNT cartoon series and gave it my own twist. The paper bag gimmick gets me cheap pops (wrestling term for you non wrestling fans).

Creating this blog has allowed me to connect to a lot of really cool people out there and I am very grateful for it. Through Twitter, The League, and fellow bloggers it has been nice to have a solid group of people who have the same interests as I do and quite frankly it is a LOT of fun! Most people are unaware of my secret toy and general nerdy obsessions. For the most part I am a closet geek. Most people I know do not enjoy the same things I do so getting friends with those similarities is darn near impossible, thank you internet for allowing all of us crazy people to have a place to share our hobbies!

You can check out more of what I am up to here on the blog and also on Instagram (great community there too), Twitter, and of course that darn Facebook.

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