League Post: Pet Peeves!

I hate that!

This week’s League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment, pet peeves. I think this is something everyone can get behind. I narrowed my peeves down to a short list so break out the cheese because here comes a nice cup of whine!

Pet Peeves!


Also commonly referred to as Scalp-Or, evil collector of things for profit. This diabolical baddie can be seen lurking toy isles, ticket lines, craigslist, yard sales, flea markets, and anywhere where there is a dollar to be made off reselling an something. These people are like the shitty versions of the American Pickers guys, storming in and emptying the stock of a highly wanted item to then flip and sell on eBay for an inflated price. I hate them. They ruin the hunt of finding fun things. Screw you Scalp-Or clan!


You know that one item you want that can’t find? It is probably because the company intentionally short-packed it (say 1/25). Why you ask? Conspiracy!

Toy Killers

When I was but a wee child I took the utmost care of my belongings, still do. I tried to keep everything together and undamaged knowing there wouldn’t be a replacement if I broke something. In short I valued what I had. Then there were the toy killers. Toy killers were the kids who got kicks off destroying things and is most notably portrayed in the movie Toy Story by Sid.

The toy killers blew things up, burnt them, tore their limbs off, and basically were mild psychopaths of childhood. The worst was when your mom forced you to play with one of these demons. It was a rush to hide your coveted things from the oncoming onslaught. Sometimes these kids were just a bit on the spoiled side getting a new something any time one was broken or just simply had a touch of the crazy in them.

Stay away from my stuff Sid.

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