TMNT Toy Reveals for the 2013-2014 Season


Rahzar, Slash, Mutagen Man, Casey Jones, and a lot more revealed!

It looks like Wal-Mart let it slip early again this year. Some employees spotted the next wave of TMNT figures on the company computers of Wal-Mart and well, we are in for some good stuff it seems!

A sampling of things to come:

  • Mutagen Raph with Ooze
  • Raph Barbarian
  • Mutagen Don with Ooze
  • Mutagen Mike with Ooze
  • Mutagen Leo with Ooze
  • Deep Cover Raph
  • Deep Cover Don
  • Squirrelanoid
  • Deep Cover Mike
  • Deep Cover Leo
  • Robotic Foot Soldier
  • Battle Shell Raph
  • Battle Shell Mike
  • Battle Shell Don
  • Battle Shell Leo
  • Battle Shell Leo
  • Leo Knight Larp
  • Don Wizard Larp
  • Mike Elf Larp
  • Rocksteady
  • Bebop
  • Tiger Clam Figure
  • Slash Figure
  • Mutagen Man
  • Rahzar
  • Kirby Bat
  • Casey Jones
Check out the images below for the real deal. Thanks to ToyHypeUsa for the news!

  • This is so awesome!

  • Yeah! Eagerly awaiting the Slash figure, then again I still can’t get a hold of a Rat King or Cockroach Terminator.

  • Yeah me either, and now on IG I’m seeing that people are finding the new Toddler Turtles!

  • Gah come on Amazon gets these things in stock already and under $12!

  • The Sewer Den

    I’ve seen Cockroach, but where is Rat King hiding?!

    Also, I am super stoked for whatever “Tiger Clam Figure” & “Squirrelanoid” turnout to be.

  • What about “cosplay turtles”?