Boob Tube Watch List


Whats playing in the crooked house?

This weeks League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignments asks “what is on your watch list?”.

First things first though I have to say our household has been sans-cable (and recently sans-broadcast TV, screw you Comcast) for quite some time now. Cable TV is a bad model and with so many other options out there why bother. What do we have? Hulu+ and Netflix and a library of ripped (legally) movies. Seems to work okay with the trusty PS3.

Here is what is on the watch list:

The Image Revolution – Remember the 90’s? Remember how hot comics were during that time? If so you know of Image comics and its famous comic artist founders. This documentary explores that and I cant wait to watch. It is currently available to download if interested.

Parenthood – I am getting old.

Nickelodeon TMNT – I have some catching up to do for this season. Waiting for them to hit Hulu+. If you have not checked out the new turtle show you really need to. Seriously.

Man of Steel – A really good movie so much so my wife even enjoyed it. Need to rewatch.

Peanuts Christmas – Holiday tradition.

The Goldbergs – A new TV show that I wasn’t so sure about but grew on me. Hits you right in the 80’s spot and not in an overblown way.

Alf – This show stands the test of time. I only watched a tiny bit of this show as a young kid (ended in 1990) but as an adult it is quite good.

Here are some of what the other League folk are watching:

  • C Raymond Pechonick

    Just watched The Image Revolution. Thought it was really well done. I remember seeing the ad for Liefelds project pre-image in the Comic Buyers Guide and getting really excited and ordering it! They are doing another one on Claremonts time on the XMEN that I am really looking forward to as well!

  • Good to hear. I just downloaded my copy last night from them and looking forward to checking it out. Those guys MADE the 90’s comic book scene.

  • C Raymond Pechonick

    No matter what you think of him as an artist, Liefeld really makes the movie in my opinion. His story telling and impressions cracked me up.

    The one thing that surprised me is that they did not even touch on the Peter David/Todd McFarlane that started when they left Marvel. I thought at the very least it would get a mention in passing.

  • C Raymond Pechonick

    forgot the war in the pharase “the Peter David/Todd McFarlane War”

  • The Sewer Den

    Where are you watching Alf?

  • Liefield is certainly the most charismatic of the bunch in my opinion. He stands by his work and I respect that.

  • Originally on Amazon Prime and now on DVD. The DVD sets are dirt cheap.

  • The Sewer Den

    Awesome, thanks! Watching Alf seems like a great thing to do during a snowy day off from work.

  • Absolutely! I think it may be on Hulu for free as well.

  • The Sewer Den

    Holy cow. Hulu Plus has a lot of 80’s TV (for better or worse). Thanks for the heads up.

  • Have you seen the made-for-TV ALF movie/series conclusion? I want to watch it because I love ALF, but I know I’ll just be sad and disappointed:(