Boob Tube Watch List

Whats playing in the crooked house?

This weeks League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignments asks “what is on your watch list?”.

First things first though I have to say our household has been sans-cable (and recently sans-broadcast TV, screw you Comcast) for quite some time now. Cable TV is a bad model and with so many other options out there why bother. What do we have? Hulu+ and Netflix and a library of ripped (legally) movies. Seems to work okay with the trusty PS3.

Here is what is on the watch list:

The Image Revolution – Remember the 90’s? Remember how hot comics were during that time? If so you know of Image comics and its famous comic artist founders. This documentary explores that and I cant wait to watch. It is currently available to download if interested.

Parenthood – I am getting old.

Nickelodeon TMNT – I have some catching up to do for this season. Waiting for them to hit Hulu+. If you have not checked out the new turtle show you really need to. Seriously.

Man of Steel – A really good movie so much so my wife even enjoyed it. Need to rewatch.

Peanuts Christmas – Holiday tradition.

The Goldbergs – A new TV show that I wasn’t so sure about but grew on me. Hits you right in the 80’s spot and not in an overblown way.

Alf – This show stands the test of time. I only watched a tiny bit of this show as a young kid (ended in 1990) but as an adult it is quite good.

Here are some of what the other League folk are watching:

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