Sears Wishbook 1992: Turtle Power Edition

Sears Wishbook 1992: Turtle Power Edition

1992 Sears wish book, chock full of turtle goodness.

Born before 2009? Then you probably know all about wish books whether it was from JC Penney, Sears, or Toys R Us. They were spectacular. These were the go-to for your master Christmas gift list, red marker for circling and all.

1992 was a hell of a year especially if you were a TMNT fan. How do I know? Read on:

Ninja Turtles Pajamas, 2-piece and onesie!

The first Item on the list, jammies! Whether you are in the market for a totally rad onesie (with feet) or a two-piece set you are all set. Love the illustrations on these.

Sargent Raph Sweatpants and Shirt

Prefer the Raph variety? This “boots to asses” red beret Raph is sure to please.

TMNT Tent, Sleeping Bag, and Duffel Bag

This is THE set. If you’re having a sleep over you damn well better be prepared. Tent? Check. Sleeping bag? Check. Duffel bag? Check.

Tiger TMNT Handheld Game and Gameboy Back to the Sewers Games

What are you going to do at that sleep over? Video games dude. Just pray you got to play the Gameboy and not those wretched handheld games. What would be better you ask…

NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 The Manhattan Project

Nintendo or Super Nintendo of course! Whether it was TMNT 3: The Manhattan Project or the greatest game of all time Turtles in Time it was co-op game time.

TMNT Mini Golf, Rockem Sockem, and Table Hockey Games

Turtle croquet! Turtle Pool! Turtle Rock em Sock em! I want to play them all. I personally did have the Rock em Sock em game and it was rad…until my brother busted Shredder. I still remind him of that from time to time. Stupid siblings.

TMNT Action Figures Including Mutation Turtles

Here we get to the good stuff. The action figures! Not only did we get some shape changing baddies and turtles but the storage shell turtles and a slew of new vehicles. Also up in the corner you can see the 5th anniversary golden turtle. Who still has one?

The Raddest Ninja Turtles Skateboard to Hit the Streets

Skate or die but only with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles skateboard. Seriously look at this thing it is magnificent.

TMNT Kids Snowmobile Ride On

Lastly we have a…Turtles Snowmobile? Yeah well kind of. This was more of a sled but damn if it isn’t cool! I feel like I needed this being from the frigid northeast as a kid but never got it. Honestly never have seen one of these at all. Some lucky kid somewhere thrashed down a big hill on one of these I know it.

There you have it, 1992.

I know I would have circled (and probably did) all of the mentioned items being turtle power was at an all time high in the early 90’s.

Did you get any of these Christmas day back in ’92? Let me know in the comments!