TMNT New Vehicles Revealed

Thanks to K-Mart we get a peek at the new TMNT Turtle Sub and Grass-Kicker lawn mower

These cool new rides for the Turtles will be coming our way soon. K-Mart let the images slip on its product page but they are not yet available for order. The sub comes in at $19.99 while the mower is $12.99, not bad price wise.

Looking through the photos the Turtle Sub while cool in concept lacks a lot. The size should be much larger and the detailing seems minimal. It reminds me of the tiny vessels taken down to the bottom of the ocean to explore the Titanic, is Donnie going on an expedition?

The mower is classic TMNT. Take an easily found object and turtle-ize it with some wacky accessories and details. You even get two lawn dart missiles strapped to the top for good measure.

Regardless im sure I will buy both of these, though im not thrilled with the packed in Don figure that comes with the sub.