Some of the Series 2 TMNT Lego sets revealed!

Update! All 4 boxes revealed! Thanks to Your Friendly Neighborhood JMan for the heads up!

We now know of some of the second series of Ninja Turtles Lego sets slated for next year. They include:

Karai Escape Bike (79118) – $14.99

The Chamber of Mutation (79119) – $26.99

T-Rocket: Attack from the air (79120) – $34.99

Turtle-Submarine (79121) – $45.99

Along with these Nickelodeon cartoon sets there will also be 3 other sets that will coincide with the release of the new TMNT movie which have not been revealed.

Good news for fans with the addition of Karai in this series. Interested to see what the Turtle Sub and Chamber of Mutation have in store. No images released yet but there are sure to be some in the coming months.


  • The Sewer Den

    Karai, heck yeah! I’ve been wondering why she hasn’t been put into figure form yet. She’s been much more of a character than say Cockroach Terminator. Consider me excited!

  • Yeah I have the same feelings on that. All the offbeat mutants have been made in plastic but not some of the bigger characters like Karai. I suppose they are just pacing themselves on releases. Excited to see what is in store with the Turtle Sub though!

  • I went all out on the first wave of TMNT sets with the lair being the standout among them. I’ll be passing on this go around mainly because all I really wanted was all four Turtles in minifig form. I’m still waiting to see what the movie themed sets will look like.

  • I hear that. I was all-in with the first series but the only thing I am slightly interested in for series 2 is the Turtle Sub because it looks cool and the Karai minifig.

    As for the movie versions, I am not holding my breath. More than likely a lair set, turtlevan, and villain set of some sort.

  • The Turtle Sub is the clear winner of this wave, and if I get enough LEGO VIP points I may pick that one up on a discount. I’ve seen the descriptions of the movie sets and the one that interests me the most is the new Turtle van.