Nickelodeon event at MTV: TMNT toys


Half Shell Turtles!

  • Those Half-Shell Heroes are going to take a chunk out of my wallet. I’m a sucker for mini-fig versions of ANYTHING really. I almost want to say I wouldn’t have started going all completist about the regular-sized action figure line if I’d known these were coming. I would have just cherry-picked the figures I liked and then done the whole line of HSH. URGH!

  • I’m with you they look like a lot of fun!

  • I think I spy a 80s-style (fly head) Baxter Stockman

    • Rumor is they’re headed that way with him in the current show. This seems to confirm that a bit.

  • Oh man, that huge playset that goes with those minifigures looks great!

  • Everything about these scream “buy me!”

  • It’s like the Half-Shell Heroes line was designed specifically to take my money.