Casey Jones Custom Paint


Casey Jones, from bland to better


Playmates new Nickelodeon TMNT toys are awesome there is no doubt but one thing they cannot seem to get right? Paint. Yep they seem especially lazy in the paint department, no detail and inconsistency plagues many of the new toys (vehicles included). I took this opportunity to dive head first into my 1st toy customizing venture via paint apps on Casey.

Some details I added:

  • New blue wash on his jeans
  • black detailing on his spikes
  • Paint wash on his hockey stick and baseball bat (so they look more legit)
  • new paint for his hockey glove
  • White detail on his right glove and shoes
  • Random dry brush to add some texture/spatter like on the cartoon

There is some other small stuff like the red on his roller blades and silver details but you get where I was going. Have a look at the gallery and let me know how I did on my first shot at some customizing.

  • Whoa, rad, you did a really great job Cody!I love the paint on his weapons, and you brought his shoes/skates to life. Cool! Also, I totally agree, they’ve really been dropping the ball on paint (like giving the Squirrelonoid blue accents instead of green), especially for having such great sculpts. I think they’re suffering from the growing pains associated with the show being way more popular than they expected and can’t keep up quality. I’ve seen a big difference in that first initial wave and even re-issues of those first few figures in later waves where the paint was twice as bad…

    • Thanks! I actually only did the weapons at first then went for the whole figure. It just needed more than what it had out of the box.