Pizza Thrower: A History of Reuse

Pizza Thrower: A History of Reuse

TMNT Product Recycling

Toy companies love to reuse products and pieces as much as they can, it is money in their pockets. While the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line was undoubtedly very original and darn near every sculpt was an original but that is not to say things were not reused from that line.

The TMNT original Pizza Thrower vehicle was a great toy, it shot pizzas! In fact it was so good that Playmates Toys decided they would use it over and over in various toy lines and even again in the TMNT universe.


Original Pizza Thrower

Released in 1989 during the original line of TMNT featuring pizza shooting action. Noisy as all hell but what kid would mind?


Unreleased Earthworm Jim Worm Thrower

Scheduled for the 2nd series of Earthworm Jim toys this one never got released. A simple repaint for the most part with a few exceptions including the stickers on the vehicle and on the disks, the standing platform, and added laser gun at top.

Mr Tweedy’s Chicken Pie Thrower

Yeah who knew the movie Chicken Run had a toy line? Well it did and as you can see the trusty pizza thrower was back in action with the only notable exceptions being the paint, stickers, and tires.


TMNT Sewer Lid Launcher

During the 2003 animated series we once again got the pizza thrower, though this time it was a more beefed up version. The sewer lid launcher reused the main body of the pizza thrower but added a large tank-like base and an larger loader at top allowing for 30 sewer lids to be loaded, hardcore stuff.

But wait there is more! The TMNT Sewer Lid Launcher was used again in the same line just painted black and bundled as the S.W.A.T. Assault pack. I won’t even get into how TMNT crossed over into S.W.A.T. but yes it was a thing.

So there you have it, all the known versions of the pizza thrower through the years. We have not had it reappear as of yet in the new toy line but the closest thing to it has been the RC Shellraiser which is a bit of a nod to the classic pizza thrower.