Rad Toy Review: Turtle Sub (2014)


Nickelodeon TMNT Turtle Sub Rad Review

MSRP: $19.99

Released: 2014

Rarity: Common


  1. Relatively cheap price point
  2. Included scuba Donatello figure which fits inside the sub
  3. Launching missile and opening sub mouth


  1. Weak paint applications and no included stickers
  2. Hollow insides with no sculpting
  3. Too darn small

Conclusion: While a fun and inexpensive toy for the new TMNT line the Turtle Sub really loses its appeal with a major lack of size, paint, and general cost cutting. It could have been a better toy if they would have included a simple sticker application sheet to liven up the sub and what is with only one of the cannons being spring loaded?

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