Revoltech Nickelodeon TMNT



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Seriously look at these things they are amazing. News around the turtleverse indicated we will have a set of Revoltech TMNT coming our way. Details are super slim but the pictures say it all. Unbelievable articulation, cartoon accurate, extra heads, bases, hell there is even a pizza accessory! Are you excited yet?

Ready to drop some major cash on these? Big Bad Toy Store has them for preorder for $60 a pop! I would wait as I think they will be available elsewhere for $10 cheaper.

Preorder here from BBTS.

Photos via Twitter user: Pachira_jp & Fwoosh


  • y.f.n.jman

    awesome figures. i love Revoltech figures. that extra Raph head is AWESOME!!!

    • I am excited for these. Playmates Toys eat your heart out!

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  • Dan Eardley

    Holy crap, I am all over these!!!

    • They are basically perfect looking. Plus extra heads!

      • Dan Eardley

        Right? And those accessories! These are a dream set of figures!

      • Dan Eardley

        I hope the scale is similar to Playmates so they can be used with the playsets and vehicles.

        • I heard between 5-6″ so it is close, a bit larger but I think they will still work.

          • Dan Eardley

            That’ll work for me!

  • ExcelHedge .


  • 노대빈

    These are LIGHT YEARS ahead of the Playmates figures.

    • Playmates can’t touch these, not even close.

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  • Zachatello00


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  • I love the extra heads! It is like they stepped right out of the show. I hope for more characters too!

    • The extra heads make it just that much sweeter.

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  • Guest

    All I can say is…

    Please make April O’Neil, Casey Jones and Splinter!!!!

  • Tike Sheldon

    All I can say is…

    Please make April O’Neil, Casey Jones and Splinter!!!!

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  • Erick

    This are the FIRST screen accurate TMNT figures in the history of the franchise. The faces, the colors, the displaying possibilities, the extra heads, weapons… Look at Donatello’s staff with an extendable blade, an Mikey’s spinning nunchaku, amazing.

    I’ve always loved Revoltechs, but they just have like 3 licenses I like, I’m really glad they got the TMNT!
    I wanted the four turtles but I just couldn’t get over Playmates Raph and Donnie colorations. Is that hard to make them look show accurate? I’m guessing yes, because it took 26 years for it to happen. Thanks Kaiyodo.

    • Revoltech just wants all of my money.

  • Dag Inge-Bulldog Trondsen

    wow best tmnt toys ever.right size as well just hope they see the need of more charters like shredder foot april splinter etc is it just me or i am the only one missing a ooze canister perhaps we get some if they make the kraang figs

    • Yep pretty much perfect. I am with you on the ooze canisters, where are those things!?