1993 TMNT BK Kids Club Adventures


Get Turtle-Ized!

Let us take a look at something we all took for granted back in the day when chowing down on fries and flat hamburgers, the BK Kids Club Adventures magazine! This one is a goodie in particular because not only does it feature the ninja turtles BUT it was accompanied by some of the best fast food toys released the bike accessories!

  • Jeff Somogyi

    “Environ-Cop” sounds so militant!
    Learn how to Enviro-Narc on your neighbors.

    • Those tee shirts the kids were wearing make it look like a cult.

      • Jeff Somogyi

        Ha! Totally! (Or is that “TURTLE-y”, as the kid says on the cover?! WHAT?!)
        And their pledge needed a little trimming, it’s all over the place!

        I wonder if any kid tried to throw their power around, as an Enviro-Cop. Is that why they’re not around today? Corruption?
        Who is the Serpico of Enviro-Cops?

        • Most tried to enviro-bully their parents but just ended up grounded.

  • I’m not going to lie, I totally just checked eBay to see if I can snap up a few of these. I’d look like a total boss next time I hit the trails with that TMNT license plate hanging off the back of my Trek.

    • They are rather inexpensive and well worth it. I recommend the turtle horn.

  • I loved the BK Kids Club back in the day! I’m pretty sure I still have some of these “magazines” stashed away somewhere in my Mom’s attic! Really need to make a trip back home and grab some stuff!

    • BK Kids Club was everything. If you find those magazines you HAVE to share them!