Rad Review: Playmates Mouser 7-Pack

TMNT Mousers 7-Pack

The first thing that needs to be known is why on earth I waited so long to open these? Seriously this is the release TMNT fans have been eagerly anticipating for about 25 years. Sure we got the vintage Playmates Wacky Action Mouser which was very cool in its own right but who doesn’t want an army of these robotic mouse catchers? Playmates finally delivered with this 7-pack and it was worth it!

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MSRP: $8.99

Released: 2013

Rarity: Common


  1. $8-$9 for a 7-pack of mousers is just…well rad!
  2. These bad boys are actually articulated! Opening mouth, ball jointed head, and hip joints.
  3. Simple and effective, an army builders dream.
  4. To scale with the line (which can’t be said for some).


  1. Honestly there is not much to complain about here, it is literally all good.

Conclusion: Buy these. Buy as many as you can find.

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