Unreleased Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys PART 2!


 Even More Unreleased Turtle Madness!

So many of you enjoyed the original post I wanted to do a follow up with even more unreleased Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys. This one is quite varied and includes some later stuff from the 2K3 series but there is plenty of vintage stuff. Let’s get to it!

Don’s Role Play Bo Staff

Yeah those Donatello fans got screwed over. This thing has a strap and spring loaded transformation features!

Metal Mutants Horsey

So much vac metal on these guys so why not ride a horse? This was just a reuse of the samurai horse featured earlier in the line.

Special Sewer Force Turtles

The only real thing special about these were new colors. No big loss here.


Raph’s Pizza-Powered Parachute

Would have been cool to get this one. The chute can stow away into Raph’s trash can strapped to his back. Perfect.

Sewer Sports Soccer Ball

Slightly debatable one but it is so rare I am labeling it as unreleased. Part of the rad Sewer Sports line that never got a wide release.


Retromutagen Rifle

This thing looks like a kid’s dream! Guns! Eyeball scopes! Stabby things! I would like to have it in my collection now. Bad move Playmates.


Mini Mutants Plane/Weapons Station

Rather cool looking set though not sure how much it fits in with the TMNT universe.



LOTS of Mini Mutants

I am not going to list them all but look at the pics and take your pic! Quite the variety of mini mutants stuff not released which is too bad as it has become one of my favorite parts of the vintage line.


Cyber Tank/Recon Helicopter

Last of the unreleased mini mutants. Odd they released the cyber rover but not this cool helicopter tank. Too much fun I guess.


Michael Bay Jim Lee Leonardo

Leo got shafted in this series. All that chain mail and Thor helmet for nothing!


Doctor Quease (Next Mutation)

I think the shocker here is that any of this other figures were actually produced.

Shadow Ninja Series (Next Mutation)

The line was dead at this point and this series was axed before it hit shelves. Mercy killing.

Inuwashi Gunjin (Fast Forward)

Getting into newer territory here. This odd but cool looking dude was scrapped as the 2003 series winded down and eventually ended with Back to the Sewers final season.


Cyber Splinter (Cyber Turtles)

Splinter was not released and honestly I am having trouble figuring out if any of these were. In my heart I hope not. Cyber turtles, WTF?

For part 1 of the unreleased TMNT toys click here!

  • Dan Eardley

    Cyber Turtles: So ridiculous that I want them all!
    The Mini Mutants were so great. I kinda like that Weapons Station. Would have been cool to see it released.

    • Ridiculous indeed. I like all the mini mutant versions of full size vehicles, really want that beach buggy!

    • I would have bought all of those Tron Turtles!

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  • I am still a little upset that they never released a Jim Lee Leo. I’m on the fence about getting these, because what’s the point if the whole team isn’t there?

    • They are so ridiculously 90’s they worth it just for the three, though I do admit Leo getting cancelled was/is a huge bummer. Best part is the prices on these loose isn’t too bad!

  • MicaTurtle

    I wonder if some of these will be released with the new minis playmates has been putting out

    • Doubtful considering most of the new stuff doesn’t reuse any of the old parts, but we can always hope!

  • Derek Strachan

    The Cyber Tank / Copter WAS released. At some Target stores. I own a few myself. It was originally an old Microman toy that was really pricey back then…so lots of fellow Micronaut collectors snapped them up (all you had to do was take out the cockpit insert and leave off the extra Turtle themed decals and it was identical to the original.)

  • BlueSaber

    The role play stuff is killer, always thought Playmates did an amazing job on that stuff. TMNT was 2nd in Role Play toys next to Real Ghostbusters, IMO. I would have killed for that Donny Bo-Staff and certainly would have loved the Retromutagen Rifle, that’s a great concept with the nunchucks, stab blade and Leo sword built in.

    • Agree, there was a lot of really fun role-play toys released (and a number not released). I also agree GB takes the cake with their role-play selection, I mean you can’t beat a kid-sized proton pack and ghost trap.

      • BlueSaber

        Yeah, that arsenal was just unreal. The Proton Pack and trap were just the tip, you had the Ghost Popper, Nutrona Blaster, the projector gun, Squirt Gun, Ecto-Goggles and popper, the Claw Gun, the Ecto-Charger AKA Slime Blower, the Venkman squeezer over-the-shoulder-sling thing (Ghost Grabber), the Radar Dish gun, and I’m sure I’m missing some but it was a veritable ghost dispatching arsenal!

        In reading your post, it made me remember the AWESOME second series of role play from Playmates for TMNT with the Sewer Force weapons. They had Leo’s snake sword, Don’s Sewer Squirter, Mikey’s Bugchuku and sewer shield and Raph’s Sewer Sai and turtle shell shield. That stuff was so creative, I wish I would have seen more than just Leo’s sword as a kid because the other 3 in the set are even cooler IMO.