Rad Review: 2014 Movie Raph Basic Figure


The new movie is nearing its premiere and the toys are hitting the isles. It is safe to say fans are divided on this new take on the TMNT. This isn’t about fan anger though this is about toys! Let’s get to it.


MSRP: $8.99

Released: 2014

Rarity: Common (at the moment)


  1. Decent articulation (for a Playmates toy)
  2. Better paint apps than anticipated.
  3. Overall a good looking, poseable figure!
  4. $8.99 action figures are a dying breed. This is a steal!


  1. The design of the turtles themselves (love em or hate em).
  2. His weird loin cloth thing which restricts leg movement.
  3. No wrist articulation.

Conclusion: Overall the figure itself is quite good barring some leg restrictions from the loin cloth and lack of wrist swivel which earns it a solid 3 out of 4 Mikey Rad Badges!