Rad Review: Slash (2014)


The new releases for the Nickelodeon TMNT series are hitting stores alongside the movie releases. Included in this release, Slash! Raph’s pet turtle mutated into a giant enemy of the turtles.


MSRP: $8.99

Released: 2014

Rarity: Hard to find (at the moment)


  1. Decent articulation (for a Playmates toy)
  2. Paint applications that are better than some 2nd tier characters.
  3. Bulky and easy to stand.
  4. Great neon color on his shell.


  1. Relative size in comparison to other figures (shorter than the turtles!)
  2. Lack of wrist swivel and knee joint.
  3. Mouth needs some sort of paint, his head is almost a blueberry.

Conclusion: Yeah the size is a big let down just like with Leatherhead and it is really hard to overlook BUT if you can look past that it is a decent figure.