SDCC 2014 TMNT Reveals

A Boatload of New TMNT Radness!

It is that time of the year again where we all salivate over the upcoming releases from our favorite toy companies and let me tell you TMNT fans will not be disappointed! A huge batch of great upcoming releases were unveiled and I for one am quite excited.

I want to outline some of the stand out reveals individually but let me tell you there is something for everyone. Let’s get to it!

All images are from Toynewsi, go check out their SDCC 2014 coverage for all the latest!

Shredder and Krang TMNT Classics series 4

Playmates must have heard fans clamoring for these 2 villains because they delivered! Can’t wait to get these 2.

shredder and krang classics toys 2015

New RC Vehicles

I am a big fan of anything RC and if it involves the TMNT then it’s even better.

RC patrol buggies ninja turtlesRC skateboarding mikey tmnt sdcc

The New Turtle Van!

Look familiar at all? This rad machine makes its debut next season. Can’t wait!


Head-Dropping Turtles are back!

head dropping ninja turtles sdcc 2014

New Vehicles

Full size T-Rawket, transforming bikes, and more!

tmnt ninja turtles sdcc 2014 vehicles tmnt ninja turtles sdcc 2014 vehicles 3 tmnt ninja turtles sdcc 2014 vehicles 2

Comic Book Turtles

The four turtles get a retro redo in toy form, sort of look like cheap NECA ripoffs but hey at least they’re trying.

comic book ninja turtles sdcc

Bebop and Rocksteady (Nickturtles variety)

Woo! Check these guys out. Bebop has a weird techno/tron look to him and Rocksteady is military/tribal. These will be Walmart exclusive first runs.

bebop rocksteady walmart exclusive toys ninja turtles 2

A whole lot more.

Check out Toynewsi for even more coverage and keep an eye here for new updates!