Ninja Turtles 2014 Movie Review

TMNT-2014-Desktop-Wallpaper-HD1First off I need to state that I am leaving the prior TMNT movies at the door. I won’t be making comparisons for the sake of looking at this movie objectively. With that being known and for the sake of people with short attention spans let me say this:

Casual fans will love this movie, hardcore fans will hate it.

There you have it. Still interested in hearing more? Then read on!

*Warning, minor spoilers

The Ninja Turtles movie is quintessential popcorn cinema at its best. Much like the Transformers movies this is a roller coaster of action scenes with little bits of plot filler sprinkled in between. You won’t get a deep plot, you won’t get great character development. What you do get is silly jokes, loud noises, and as much action that can be fit into 90 minutes. Leave your expectations at the door.

The Turtles

The turtles themselves at their core are what you expect (for the most part). Leonardo is the hardened leader of the pack, Michelangelo is witty and wisecracking, Donatello is the tech-savvy nerd, and Raphael is the Hulk. Wait, the Hulk you ask? Yes in this movie he closely identifies with the incredible Hulk but with more dialog. He is huge, muscle-bound, and angry with a penchant for destruction.

The unfortunate part is that the turtles are very simplistic. You won’t see their characters develop very much through the course of the movie. The most in-depth character of the whole movie actually seems to be Raphael, who goes through a range of emotions.

Supporting Cast

So we have April who is a reporter. Vernon who is her cameraman, Splinter who is the turtles Rat master/father, Shredder, and Eric Sacks the good/evil rich guy. That about sums up the supporting cast of the entire movie. Sure there are some random foot soldiers, Karai, Bernadette at channel 6, and April’s roommate but that literally is it. Check out IMDB for the movie if you doubt me.

Story (in a nutshell)

Bad guys want to destroy NYC by lethal gas but need mutagen to sell back to city to cure population. Bad guys find out turtles have mutagen in their blood and try to drain them dry. Fighting and explosions.

RaphThe Good

  • Action! Lots of it.
  • Turtles kicking butt!
  • Jokes and subtle nods to the past.

The Bad

  • Shallow plot
  • Lack of character development
  • Megan Fox

The Ugly

  • The turtles designs (literally)
  • Shredder
  • Ending of the movie

TMNT-ShredderI need to touch on something here that bothered me the entire time while watching the movie. The Shredder. This character is literally just a walking Ginsu knife magnet whose sole purpose is to fight the turtles. The biggest villain in the TMNT history is basically watered down to a base level villain we have seen hundreds of times. He has a giant suit of armor that defies logic (how does he support the weight of that thing?) and may or may not lead the Foot clan. Also Karai is there.


Go into this movie without thinking too much. Actually you know what get drunk beforehand and go see it, that is how this is supposed to be viewed.

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