DecapAttack! TMNT Keychains

IMG_1209IMG_1206Something new here at Crooked Ninja HQ AKA The Slash for Cash Dojo, Keychains! That’s right just call me the crafty crooked ninja.

I was sitting there one day completely surrounded by mountains of TMNT stuff and in a bin I had a bunch of busted, dilapidated TMNT toys with no chance of recovering. Being the turtle fan I am I couldn’t just throw these poor guys out so I decided to, well decapitate them basically. Reusing the heads I fastened them to keychains for another chance at life.

Now before you get all hot headed and blurt out “how could you?” let me just say these are from toys that had no chance of survival. Broken limbs, chewed bodies, marker and glitter coated, and whatever else these just had no life left in em.

So if you’re interested in adding some vintage TMNT flare to your keys then click the link and head over to the shop. Use coupon code “slashforcash” for 10% off!