Guest Post! Top 10:Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toys

In case you don’t know I am Ryan from Super Dyslexic 80s kid. I want to thank Crooked Ninja for letting me share my top 10 Turtle toys from my childhood! These toys were with out a doubt some of the best toys I had. They were easily more durable then Thundercats, The Real Ghostbusters and M.A.S.K(the main stuff I played with). I never had issues with legs coming off or vehicles falling apart. I still have half of my childhood Turtles. The other half was lost in our move as a kid. My son now plays with them and loves them. On to the countdown!

Turtle toys I always wanted but never got.

  • -The Shredder Mutant Module
  • -The Technodrome
  • -Krangs giant body

Oh and all this Turtle cover art is fantastic. I could do a top 10 just on that alone.

10.Mutagen Man

I thought this dude was a cool toy. I remember filling him up with water and watching all his guts float around.. Along with a slice of pizza. He was sort of a mess but a unique figure.

9.Movie Foot Soldier

I liked these so much I had three of them. Way better then the hunched over cartoon foot that were “robots”.

8.The Foot Cruiser

I loved this car. I even used it vs Kitt and many other adventures with Terminator toys. It was perfect for Bebop and Rocksteady and did a ton of cool things. Launching my eye balls at my 6 month old brother who sat in his swing is always a found memory.

7.Turtle Blimp 

My parents hated this thing. I didn’t care.. I loved it. My mom would say “It always in the way!”. I’m sure it was but there was nothing like dropping some bombs on the Shredder from the sky. I think my cat popped it. Damnit Cuddles!

6.Pizza Thrower

I remember when I got this for Christmas I didn’t even know what it really did. I remember turning it on and hearing that “hum” and thinking “This is…” I then shoot a pizza across the kitchen at my mom who is cooking Christmas dinner.. “AWESOME!!” It even says on the toy do not shoot at animals. First thing I did was seek revenge on Cuddles for popping my blimp! Shooting the foot was pretty great. It shot with a lot of velocity.

5.Turtle Sewer

Wow, what a great playset. I know the new one is as tall as a 6th grader but I like this one way more. I could never get enough of the man hole cover. I was always going in and out of it. The tubes were fun for hitting the foot down and then the swing! It made for a great fighting area. My mom even made little sleeping bags for all my turtles! I had the lair and all my turtles set up on a big table in a room that wasn’t used. It was pretty great.

4.Super Shredder

This easily the best part of Turtles 2. It gave us Super Shredder who I thought was a bad ass when I was a kid. His figure was soooo much better then the old figure. The original Shredder is all sickly looking and has back problems. This guy could kick the crap Turtles. I have 2 of these guys. Since my brother ripped off the shoulder spikes and arms I got another. I also have one still sealed but its the re issued one not the one with the kick ass card.

3.Movie Turtles

These figures were great. Just like the Super Shredder they offered the movie in you’re hands. Playmates did amazing job taking the movie turtles and getting a figure that was so life like. I still have a few of these but they are in rough shape. They weren’t as durable as the original turtle toys. Arms,legs and the bandannas would come off much easier. I still have a Raph sealed but it has MOLD ALL OVER IT. Not sure what happened. If the oil that gives the figure its shine went south or what.

2.The Original Turtles

 This what started it all. These four figures to me are like holy grail of turtle toys. Mean,simple and super durable. I had a lot of turtles with funny costumes and props but at the end of the day I was always using these. Sometimes I used to wish the weapons were better made but everything else was perfect. I never had the rubber heads ones that are worth so much but I wish I did now as they go for hundreds on Ebay(not that I would sell them..I love the card art to much).

1.Turtle Party Wagon 

Was this thing not one of the best vehicles ever? Not just Turtle toys but any toy line. The design is beautiful. The functionality of it is awesome. How many vehicles have a roof that opens up(getting the Ghostbusters in Ecto 1 was a nightmare)? Making it so easy to put the turtles in, I spent a ton of time having road battles with the Turtle Van and the The Foot Cruiser. I played with for hours on end and I unfortunately lost mine in the move… and I’ve been meaning to pick up the new remake but $40 is a bit steep when you got kids,house and all that good stuff.
I just want to thank Crooked Ninja for having me and I was honored I could share my top 10 Turtle Toys with all the CL readers! Cowabunga!