TMNT Targetgate

target-tmnt-sewer-lair-15-dollarsOver the labor day weekend there was a big commotion in the collector world. Target messed up and put the TMNT Sewer Lair playset on sale for …wait for it… $15. Yes you read that right, fifteen dollars!

People started noticing the price error Sunday afternoon and it spread like wildfire. People and of course dirty, dirty scalpers were picking these bad boys up for cheap. The trick of it was that the isle tags read for the most part at regular price but scanning the lair barcode revealed the $15 sale price. Needless to say you needed to be at the right place at the right time. The sad fact is that I indeed was at Target at the right place at the right time but being an old fogey and not having a smartphone I was blind to the sweet deal sitting right in front of me. Ever have those moments of remorse regarding a missed deal? That was me x10.

As the afternoon progressed and news spread managers began catching on and removing the stocked lairs or completely banning sales of them. Some people managed to get rain checks for the lair at the $15 price even. Instagram and Twitter were blowing up with collectors posting pictures of their conquests and of sad people not getting one for themselves (myself included).

The good news is Target is still having a hell of a sale right now with most vehicles and sets being $15. If you are in the market for a new turtle blimp or movie van check Target! I did manage to grab an RC TMNT buggy while I was there for $15 which was half off so it was not a total loss.

Did you manage to get a TMNT lair on the cheap?

Update: Turns out all of the $14.99 sale items were wrongly priced! Everything is back to normal pricing. Bummer.