Report: Vermont Comiccon 2014

Green mountain nerds let their geek flags fly

This Rogue cosplayer won best costume in my book.
This Rogue cosplayer won best costume in my book.

Vermont, my home state, had its very first comic con late in October. I rarely get to attend these sorts of events but was rather excited to check this one out in my back yard.

Not a huge event by any means but hey its about quality not size right? It didn’t take long to scope out a costumed hero standing outside the event entrance (punisher). I feel like the cosplayers are half of the attraction at these types of events. I didn’t even wear my crooked ninja uniform. Shame. I was like Geraldo opening Capone’s safe but with a better payoff.

Inside I was happy to see a solid variety of booths. Vendors, artists,writers, a few TV celebrities, and some local business tables. My favorite toy vendor, Yin’s Collectibles, had a booth but I didn’t buy anything because they get most of my cash inside their store anyway.

Who am I to not buy toys though? This cool older fella had a slightly disorganized booth selling his stuff and i was probably his best customer that day.

I was at a comic convention so yeah I also got comics. Picked up an interesting book that combines my enjoyment of both comics and professional wrestling. Haven’t read it yet but the creator was a quality guy. Always nice chatting up the artist/writer.

All in all the show was a blast. A 2015 date of Labor Day has been set already for the next con so the show was obviously a success. Oh and if you’re local keep your eye out for a possible toy show in the near future.

How I spent my cash at VT Comiccon