Rad Review: Revoltech TMNT Leonardo

The Revoltech Ninja Turtles have arrived and they are fantastic!

I was on the fence about these guys, after all dropping a wad of dough to the tune of $60+ a piece is a hard pill to swallow. I managed to get a decently priced Revoltech Leo used and let me tell you the price is justified. Between the articulation (insane), paint, accessories, and overall fun factor these things cannot be beat!


MSRP: $59.99 (varies as it is imported)

Released: 2014

Rarity: Online only


  1. Incredible articulation all around. The Revoltech joints are nothing short of awesome.
  2. Spot on likeness to the Nickelodeon turtles.
  3. You can pose the hell out of this figure.
  4. Included pizza, extra head, and stand are great bonuses.
  5. Durable but stable bodies.


  1. Cost. $60 is expensive!
  2. Some people may be turned off by the “clicky” joints. It is not your traditional figure.
  3. Import wait time if you buy from overseas.


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