10 Most Wanted TMNT Classics Collection Toys

We all love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics Collection (for the most part) but who do we really want to see in the next few waves? Many of the heavy hitters have hit pegs or are in the pipeline like Krang and Shredder so lets look at the top 10 most wanted for future releases.


10. Leatherhead

Original toon Leatherhead was a great character that had an amazing original toy. Who doesn’t want this cajun reptile redone for classics?


09. General Tragg

A frequent guest villain on the original cartoon with a mediocre original release toy. The 1st step to building a new Dimension X rock army!


08. Baxter Stockman (Fly Form)

Baxter was a classic character with a great original toy. A modern update on the original would be a welcome addition to the classics line.


07. Slash

“My Binky!” Slash was an eccentric character on the original cartoon with a strange obsession with his “binky” or small plastic palm tree. Let’s get Slash in original costume in the classics series!



06. 1990 Movie Shredder

We have the movie turtles now thanks to series 4, so it goes without saying we would love their nemesis from the movie old shredhead.


05. Metalhead

Such a cool character and concept, a robotic turtle. He was fun in the cartoon, fun as an original toy, and would be fun as a classics toy.



04. April O’ Neil

Channel 6 news personality and loyal friend of the turtles. This one is a must have and has been lacking a decent toy for some time.


03. Casey Jones

Badass original club-swinging, vigilante Casey Jones was going to be on this list and you know it. Give him his array of weapons and a golf bag to keep them in and you have a winner.


02. Foot Soldier

The original robotic foot soldier would be an incredible addition. It is hard to not want to have the turtles trouncing the foot like the old days. Army builder dream.


01. Splinter

The turtles need their sensei! Splinter has been lacking in toy representation since the beginning and this ninja master rat deserves a great toy which is why he makes #1 on this list. Give us Splinter!



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