Worst 5 TMNT Toys of 2014

A special list of the 5 worst Ninja Turtles toys

Where there is a best of 2014 list there must be a worst of list. 2014 overall was a darn good year for TMNT toys overall but there were certainly a few blemishes. Lets get to it!

TMNT rocksteady5. TMNT Rocksteady (Basic Series)

Rocksteady held so much promise! The sculpt is actually really cool its when you want this brute to actually move is where the issues begin. With an awful swivel at the hips and only a few other points of articulation this otherwise solid toy takes the #5 spot.

TMNT big rig lego4. TMNT Movie Lego 18 Wheeler Set

Oh the new Turtles movie…yep. Anyway the Lego sets from the movie are rather bland and the 18 wheeler set is the pick of the lame litter. This could be any generic set from Lego, shouldn’t the TMNT be exciting?

81b--xjVogL._SL1500_3. Movie Classics Leonardo and Donatello

Maybe an odd choice since Raph and Mike are quite good and the body molds are the same but the ridiculous faces on both Leo and Don (why is Donny always getting the shaft?) just kill this toys. Don is especially awful and Leo is just straight up surprised at everything.

TMNT movie raphal toy2. TMNT Basic Movie Undercover Raph/Foot Soldier/April

More movie muck. While the Turtles toys from the movie are quite good these 3 are just worthless. April is about as articulated as a fast food toy, the foot soldier is so incredibly generic, and undercover Raph is just sad.

Those ugly details up close.

1. Comic Book Figures

These ones were just disappointing but divide the fan community. Some love em, some hate em. The paint, sculpt, and articulation just make them the worst of 2014 which is why they take the number 1 spot on this list. Just look at the NECA turtles based on the comic. Just. Look.

What were you disappointed by in 2014? Hit the comments!

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