Top 10 Ninja Turtles Toys of 2014

2014 Best Of List

The most exciting TMNT toys of last year.

With 2014 now in the rear view mirror it is only fitting to look at the best in toys released. Countdown time folks!

TMNT half shell heroes donatello toy10. Half Shell Heroes

The introduction of these more toddler-focused toys was quite a pleasant surprise. With their minimal design and articulation but fun array of vehicles and characters this line had to make the list.


Squirellanoid TMNT ninja turtles action figure09. Squirrelanoid (TMNT Basic Series)

Good articulation, paint, and army building potential put this one at number 9. The figure as a whole is really quite good so kudos to Playmates for making this one work so well.


battle shell ninja turtles raphael toy08. Battle Shell Ninja Turtles

Much like the vintage storage shell turtles the battle shell TMNT are almost required for any fan. The great thing about these is the solid sculpts and articulation which make them second only to the original Nick Turtles release.


TMNT classic movie michelangelo ninja turtle toy07. TMNT Classics Movie Mikey

Although the 3rd classics series is a bit of a letdown Mikey did seem to be the best of the bunch with Raph taking 2nd. Leo and Don on the other hand are quite ugly. The lack of paint on these guys is a huge bummer!


toynewsi 11 inch shredder tmnt toy06. TMNT Giant 11″ Shredder

Giant Shredder seemed to slip under the radar for the most part. The 11″ figure is quite good and nice to have but pales in comparison to the 4 11″ turtles due to being a bit flimsy.


TMNT casey jones nickelodeon 201405. TMNT Casey Jones (Basic Series)

Casey was a pleasant surprise. Good articulation and a solid sculpt made him a must have but a bit more paint would have been nice. Certainly one you will want in your collection!


Tiger claw TMNT action figure nickelodeon 201404. TMNT Tiger Claw (Basic Series)

This one hits all the sweet spots. Articulation, paint, sculpt, and overall fun. Add in his cool look and holstered guns and you have an instant classic. My favorite pick from the basic series hands down.


classic krang walker toys r us03. Toys R Us Relrelease of Krang with Walker

We have seen a bunch of rereleases over the years but we have all waited patiently for Krand to hit the pegs once again (Foot Soldier was a nice bonus)! Really one of the classics of the vintage line it was hard not to get excited by seeing this old brain once again.


Funko POP ninja turtles party van TMNT02. Funko POP TMNT Party Van

Funko has been killing it let’s just get that out of the way. With their endless properties and fun vinyls there is something for everyone. Introducing the TMNT Party Van and a bunch of other classic pop culture rides was just icing on the cake.


revoltech michelangelo toy TMNT 201401. TMNT Revoltech Figures

You knew they made the list in some way. These take the number 1 spot for 2014 with their perfect execution of the Nick TMNT characters. Are they ridiculously expensive? Yep. Are they worth it? Absolutely. Even with the price these toys are what toy fans dream of when the imagine the perfect turtles toys.


Got a favorite from 2014? Let’s hear it!

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