New York Toy Fair Ninja Turtles Reveals


New TMNT toys for 2015 revealed at NYTF

It’s reveal time at Toy Fair 2015 for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Toynewsi bring us the first hand scoop with photos of all the awesome TMNT goodness coming up for this year. Some notable reveals include:

  • Nickelodeon TMNT┬áMuckman
  • All new Nick Mondo Gecko
  • A bunch of new TMNT vehicles
  • A rerelease of the TMNT Sewer Lair with lights and sounds
  • A new Giant Leonardo transforming playset
  • A whole lot more!

Check out the photos and video below and head over to Toynewsi for the full scoop.

  • I know Playmates catches a lot of grief from folks for skimping on paint, but damn, those are still some fun looking figures.

    • It’s true and I have a hard time with it as well. I think it is two parts 1) the first releases of the turtles and a few others were SO GOOD it set the bar very high 2) they have a really low price point which comes at a cost.

      If they do good on Muckman and that sweet Jamboni all will be forgiven.

  • Adam Nori

    Love the new Muckman but I feel that Mondo is getting more like D&D related than the rad dude he once was… sad day.

    • I agree, he was such a rad dude in the original but this one feels off…even with the fanny pack.

      • Adam Nori

        And the Unicorn T-Shirt… he feels emo. And he has this little weird knife tied to his leg. I don’t get what is on his head either. I dont know who designed this guy but expect a pink slip.

        • All of those things, so odd. Honestly it just seems boring to me overall. Give me character!

  • Guest

    And the Unicorn T-Shirt… he feels emo. And he has this little weird knife tied to his leg. I don’t get what is on his head either.

  • Uh… guys, the figure you’re trashing isn’t Mondo Gecko, it’s Napoleon Bonafrog. If you watch the video you can see Mondo briefly behind Savage Mikey. He wears almost all black, no fanny pack, and he’s not green. I’m guessing you guys are behind on watching the show?

    • Oh good call that went completely over my head! I guess I got caught up in all the new releases but thanks for pointing that out.

      • Well you have to admit, Napoleon doesn’t look much like a frog, and the weird shape of his head does resemble the old fashioned Mondo, especially in that bright shade of green.

        I also want to mention that on the show, Napolean is a very abundantly obvious parody of Napolean Dynamite, and that’s why he wears the unicorn shirt and the fanny pack. They’re references to the movie. In fact, he’s actually voiced by Jon Heder himself, fully in character.

        I can see how that all might rub some fans the wrong way, but to me it was brilliant and perfect.

        As for Mondo, he hasn’t actually debuted in the show yet, but they recently added him to the intro, so I expect him to play a pretty prominent and recurring role.

        • I will be 100% honest I have barely dove into season 2. So far behind but Napolean does sound quite interesting.

          • The Atilla figure only vaguely looks like the show version in that he’s close to the same shape and sitting position, but he’s not blue, and it just looks way off. I mention him because he’s a very blatant Marlon Brando. Kids won’t get it, and I love that.

            The other two classic punk frogs appear, Genghis as the military commander, and Rasputin as a sort of sage and adviser. There are also numerous frog minions.