Nick TMNT Action Figure Wishlist

Top 5 most wanted Nick TMNT action figures

The Nickelodeon TMNT cartoon has been going strong and we have a lot of great figures from the toy line, but what about the ones we don’t have? Count em down…

kraang prime

5. Kraang Prime

The leader of the Kraang needs a supersized figure! Frightening and imposing, let’s see it happen.


4. Chris Bradford

Pre-Dogpound pre-Rahzar Chris Bradford would be a great figure, and not only for the resemblance to Chuck Norris.

the-kraang human form

3. Kraang Humans

The humanoid disguise of the Kraang has fun army building potential written all over them.

TMNT_2012_Crognard_the_Barbarian ninja turtles

2. Crognard the Barbarian

Maybe an odd choice but the cartoon fav of the turtles would make a great toy!

tmnt 2015 karai action figure


Karai in human form….come on!

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