TMNT Classic 6″ Krang and Shredder Cancelled

Krang and Shredder got shellshocked

shredder and krang classics toys 2015Through a brief convo on Twitter with Pixel Dan info surfaced that the TMNT 6″ Classic Collection Krang and Shredder have been cancelled as of right now. Dan was at Toy Fair so he has first-hand knowledge of what is going on with Playmates via their reps present so I take his word as fact. He mentions that there may only be a glimmer of hope of seeing them once the new movie hits.

Quite sad news as this line has been a lot of fun even with all of the paint and ugly head sculpt issues. Shredder and Krang were two big names that were highly anticipated and teased at SDCC ’14. It is rumored that the buy in from retailers was not high enough from past releases to keep the line going. The odd thing I find is that I could never find these at retail!

So let’s hope next year when the new movie drops we will get these guys released. I would hate to have to file them into the “toys that got the axe” file. It is also worth mentioning that the previous releases of the turles and Bebop/Rocksteady will see a rerelease.


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