Rad Review: First Gokin Krang

Rad Review: First Gokin Krang

Behold Krang in all his android body glory!

Ever since 1992 when the first Krang in android body was released we TMNT fans have been eagerly anticipating the be-all-end-all update to this incredible toy. Behold, First Gokin Krang!



A Masterpiece (for a price)

Let me just say that this is the Android Krang we have all been wanting. Why? Well there are many reasons:

  1. Scale, he is enormous and looks so cool next to any of the TMNT releases. Not only does the android rock but the Krang is very cartoon accurate and just about perfect.
  2. Details, crazy sculpt paired with great color and even die-cast parts (boots & shoulder pads)!
  3. Articulation, this robot has it in spades. The real standouts are the ball-jointed fingers and articulated Krang tendrils.
  4. The belly cockpit actually light up with an LED!

Now all of this radness does come at a heavy price tag. I ended up paying $170 shipped from a seller in New York via eBay. I was wary at first due to the price tag but once I got this incredible toy  and unboxed him it was money well spent.

This isn’t to say this toy isn’t without its flaws. The axe hand replacements don’t fit into the pegs very well and Krang himself is a little gummy (soft). Also note you need to supply your own batteries for the LED function which is minor. Other than that though I have yet to find much wrong!


To conclude, buy this. Seriously if you can afford this guy drop the dough. He is limited and won’t last forever much like the Revoltech TMNT who are becoming harder to find these days. This is the best Krang we will get, Playmates has no interest in collector lines so a wide release of anything collector-oriented just won’t be happening.

So TMNT fans do you have it? Do you want it? Love or hate it?