TMNT 2015 SDCC News Roundup

All the SDCC 2015 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles news from around the web

Mondo TMNT 1/6 scale

Just check these bad boys out! Comic styled with care and articulation to spare. These will be available to preorder in the next few months and come with loads of accessories including alternate heads, hands, and more. Also check out the Mouser 2-pack! News is these will be coming in at around $150 a pop so start saving now!

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Playmates Toys

Not a whole lot coming from Playmates but it has been confirmed that we are getting a human Karai in 2016! Check out the photos of the new figures and vehicles including a very interesting “History of Leonardo” box set that covers darn near every toy version of Leo!

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The Loyal Subject TMNT Series 2

My favorite vinyl toys hands down. Series 2 has been teased for a while and now we get to see the whole set! Loving this series and cannot wait to grab these, check out Slash and the new villains!

TMNT Minimates Series 3

Series 3 from Minimates was announced which includes some nice looking Mystic Turtles as well as old Bebop and Rocksteady!

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