ThreeZero Teams With Kevin Eastman on New TMNT Toys

1/6 scale early comic-based Turtles based off Eastman’s sketches

ThreeZero has teased these new versions of the TMNT during SDCC teaming with original creator of the TMNT Kevin Eastman. These new four TMNT 1/6 scale figures take a grittier approach seen in the early comics and come with 25 point of articulation. No word on price or release. The new look comes from sketches provided by Eastman.

Personally I feel like the TMNT market is getting rather saturated at this point. While these look cool and will certainly appeal some niche collectors the look doesn’t appeal to me and the size is going to make them pricey. I think I will hold onto my cash for the Mondo large scale turtles.

Who is buying and who is passing?

Source: ComicsAlliance