10 Rare Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys Part 2


The final 5 elusive TMNT toys

Don Hydro Skimmer

Release date: 1998

Series: Turtleflage

Talk about a late toy, the Hydro Skimmer was one of the final releases of the short lived “TMNT Next Mutation” toy line. The Turtleflage line included a number of figures but it is the vehicle assortment that brings the money. Honestly these are some of the ugliest toys IMO ever produced, perfect for the Next Mutation line I suppose!

Expect to pay anywhere from $150-$300 loose and well over $500+ boxed. Start saving!

Leo Camo Blitz Cycle

Release date: 1998

Series: Turtleflage

The 2nd vehicle set to accompany the Don Hydro Skimmer, and just as ugly. Leo’s Camo Cycle is about the same in terms of rarity as Don’s Skimmer. It goes without saying if you see either for less than $100 buy it.

Expect to pay anywhere from $150-$300 loose and well over $500+ boxed.


Release date: 1993

Series: Basic 

We all know and long for Scratch, the elusive feline from one of the final waves of the original TMNT line. In reality though there are a number of more rare items out there but Scratch has become the talking point for all things “TMNT grails”. Now if you can find both Scratch here and Hot Spot you are in the money.

This hot cat goes for about $250-$350 loose and complete but carded? Try well over the $800 mark.

TMNT Mini Mutant Playsets

Release date: 1995

Series: Mini Mutants

In ’95 and as one of the final releases of the original line Playmates unleashed a torrent of incredible cool Mini Mutant playsets and accessories. Much like Mighty Max, Polly Pocket, and Micro Machines these itty-bitty turtles were a lot of fun but not so fun to keep complete. Some of these sets have become quite rare (Cyber Jet Playset) but any of them complete command a solid price.

Sets can range from as low as $10 incomplete and loose to $300+ carded. The real trick is collecting them all with their accessories!

Undercover Turtles

Release date: 1994

Series: Undercover

Notice a trend? Things from 1994 and up = harder to find. Why? Because the line was on its final run and getting low on fan interest. The undercover turtles are basic, cartoon styled turtles with hats and a cloth trench coat, not all that different from the Undercover Don years earlier. Getting these four turtles with their coats and accessories has become a hunt for TMNT fans everywhere.

Single loose undercover turtles go for about $70-$100 each and carded $350-$400. Multiply that by 4 and you’re looking at a good chunk of cash.

Also these rarely pop up online so even getting the chance to grab one is becoming more and more difficult.

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  • I had Hot Spot on card and in a moment of weakness I let my little brother open him to play with it! ARGH!

    • Yeah, that stings but I hope you at least had fun with it!

  • Robert Vassallo

    I have this large Ninja Turtle comic book No 1 is it worth any money.
    Thank you

  • MicaTurtle

    I think the reason the Camo NT:TNM ones are so sought after is their BEAUTIFUL attention to detail. I have the Camo Don (I bought it brand new way back when) and I love it. It has actual STITCHES molded into it, so it’s not just a repaint of the original figure.

    • That is actually a really cool tidbit I had no idea of and you actually have one from when it was released?! Kudos to you!

      • MicaTurtle

        yeah, I worked at Kmart when NT:TNM came out, so I have almost all of the Next Mutation toy line. XD I love my bad boy biker Raph. He hangs out front wheel to front wheel with nightwatcher Raph (when the kitties haven’t knocked them down)

        • Good time to be collecting, that is some rare stuff not many have in their possession.

          • MicaTurtle

            You should do an article on strange variants of TMNT figures, like Ace Duck (with or without hat/hole in head), the various Ray Filet variants, slash’s belt color variants, etc…