TMNT Retro Collection Touchdown Leo and Skateboarding Mike


2 additional Ninja Turtles retro collection toys quietly announced

It appears that Playmates quietly announced 2 new retro TMNT toys to be added to the Bebop and Rocksteady wave hitting stores now. Touchdown Leo and Skateboarding Michelangelo now appear in the collectors area of the Playmates website. Be on the lookout at your local Toys R Us for these soon before the scalpers clear them out.

These two come as a total surprise to me. We haven’t seen a reissue of Casey Jones but now we get two lesser known toys in the form of Touchdown Leo and Skate Mike. It goes without saying these are bound to skimped on during the paint process as evident from prior releases but if you are after some retro turtle goodness from 20+ years ago you are indeed in luck!

  • Q-bert

    Yes, talk about a quiet figure release! I was at a TRU yesterday looking for some of the new Star Wars figures. I picked out a couple and then went over to the Turtles aisle. I almost fainted when I saw the re-released vintage Bebop and Rocksteady figures. I had no idea these two vintage guys were coming out, and 24 hours later I’m still beaming with joy! I love old school style toys, and I had never owned these two because for whatever reason, I didn’t start paying attention to the Turtles until I was 38, back in 2013, when I started watching the original Turtles show. I fell in love with them instantly. As gleeful as I was about the re-releases of the vintage Turtles in 2013…well, being surprised with vintage Bebops and Rocksteadys made me at least as happy! I had to get two each…I just had to. What an incredible surprise! Can you tell that I love the Turtles? 😉

    Well, thanks for the long read! Turtle Power!

    • Sometimes Playmates can surprise us! Glad you liked the news.