10 Awesome TMNT Gifs

The amazing internet provides us with great Ninja Turtles gifs. Enjoy!

Out of Their Shells Tour

Turtles on Oprah anyone? The monstrosity that was the Out of Their Shells Tour is captured so well by the presence of a flabbergasted Oprah and speechless kids in the audience. We all felt this way then and certainly now.


Leonardo and those googley eyes. Seriously Playmates what on earth were you thinking with this one?

Shredder Locks & Loads

Clearly we are seeing the breaking point of Shredder here. After all of his hair brained schemes to rid the world of the turtles fails, he goes with a drive-by.

Mikey Killed the Radio Star

Punching bag posed as a boombox? This stupid radio must have been the mutated villain of this episode.

Air Splinter

Ninjutsu and Basketball skills. Splinter not only schools his pupils in the martial arts but also on the court as well. SWISH.

Ninja Turtles + Power Rangers

Remember the time the TMNT crossed over into the Power Rangers universe? No? It’s okay no one does (or cares).


Classic scene from the movie.

Raph Laying it Down

Raph putting the boots to the foot up on the roof tops. Who doesn’t love this scene?


I will let you make your own judgement on this one.

The Original

This short title animation made most all of us excited for the next 20+ minutes of cartoon fun.