SDCC Exclusive Arcade TMNT Box Sets


The Ninja Turtles and Foot Clan get an arcade exclusive box set

This one took us by surprise! NECA announced that at this year’s SDCC they will offer 2 box sets based off the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game.

The first box set is of the four turtles naturally. The second includes 3 colorful foot soldiers and one badass looking Shredder. Each comes with its own unique accessories including weapons and extra hands. So cool.

Now here is the bad news. These are SDCC 2016…exclusives.

Yep you and I are pretty well screwed unless we haul it to California. No announcement on if these have a chance at seeing a regular release or not. We also don’t know a price point for the sets (like it matters).

Check out the NECA site for all the details and extra photos.


NECA has confirmed on Twitter that these will in face be only available at SDCC and have no chance of online sales or retail as per their licensing agreement. This is terrible news and basically guarantees most of us are out of luck beyond scalper prices.

  • Dumb idea, NECA. Everyone and their mom would have bought those.

    • Amdazzler

      I think it’s more Playmate’s fault then it is NECA’s. Playmates seems determined to be the only company in town that makes Turtle figures, and they’re always giving other companies hell when those companies try to.

    • NECA’s hands are tied. Playmates/Nickelodeon put hard restrictions on anyone selling TMNT merch in the states. Basically they know NECA has a better quality product than what Playmates puts out so they try to make as little competition as possible. I have no doubt NECA would love to sell online! In the end it is the fans who get the short end of the stick.